Mar 13, 2013

New Zumba Fitness ZumbaWear Spring 2013

It's finally here - the new "Cosmic" as in out-of-this-world ZumbaWear collection!

The people in the photoshoot are real-life Zumba instructors, not pro models. They look great! Real clothes for real people!

To get the affiliate price add coupon code 10SALE to the affiliate code field at checkout, or just shop thru this link and see it already applied:

The code is valid in the US store only (with a US shipping address)

1 comment:

racquel bulleser said...

Hi, I’m Racquel and I really love teaching ZUMBA® fitness classes.

I find it so… great when I see everyone is moving, sweating and specially having fun.

Really love the tips in your blog.

Keep up the good work.